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The culture movement of Koss starts with the foundation of the Ministry of Culture in June, 2012. The major accomplishments that year were the foundation Academie den Lingui in September of 2012. The Academie was responsible for the early development of the Papian language and gave the kickstart to the Innover! project in December, 2012. A project which saw the development of Kossian culture on its own. The Ministry has always been a disputed position and has been, for the majority of its existence, lead by the Anax Lucas Campos. The Ministry was also responsible for the starting the movement which gained Koss its independence on July 31st, 2015.

Today, the Ministry of Culture is one of the most important autarchies of the State of Koss. The Ministry of Culture is responsible for promoting and stimulating activity within Koss through projects as well as within the community through the Secretariat of International Development and the Kossian Gazette.

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